Irina Stolyarova. Flying in the Wake of Light. Private Art Collection
Oleg Vasiliev<br/>Triptych,1988
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Flying in the wake of light
Oh, let me, let me fly,
Invisible to all,
Up to a distant high
Unknown to my soul!
You’re beaming from afar, –
No greater joy in sight,
And from the brightest star
You learn about light.
And I would like to say,
To whisper, to convey,
That I’ll entrust you, child,
To an ascending ray.
Osip Mandelstam

Irina, please tell me when and how you started to put together your collection?

I started collecting about twenty years ago. I think I ‘grew’ as a collector and connoisseur of art with my collection. I was initially keen on the so called ‘Little Dutch’ school…